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Innovate+Upgrade: 100 episodes of inspiration for innovation and strategy

Welcome to the 100th Episode of Innovate+Upgrade! In this anniversary issue, we take a look back at almost six years of insights and developments in the world of strategic business development. It is a journey that has taken us through topics such as Business Model Design, Jobs to be done, Purpose and Progress, Exploration, Exploitation, Innovation and Transformation.

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What can you expect in this episode?

In this episode, we share not only the highlights of the last episodes, but also timeless content that can define your business in the future. We explore how all these elements are inextricably interwoven and how they shape progress from the customer’s perspective. We invite you to discover with us how you can identify and respond to customer needs to achieve sustainable success.

Here you will find all the chapters of this episode with a time stamp:

00:00:00 Intro

Review Season 1

00:08:32 001 Innovation
00:09:05 002 – 5 Myths
00:09:45 003 JTBD Theory
00:10:39 004 JTBD Practice
00:11:50 005 Process innovation
00:12:37 006 Business Model Thinking
00:13:05 007 BM-Hack Hoover
00:14:16 008 Startup Way
00:15:22 009 BMH Heating system construction
00:16:03 010 Value Proposition
00:16:57 011 Growing Pains with Gavino Wismach
00:17:26 012 Business Model Hacking Bakery
00:18:48 013 Agil sales with Halina Maier
00:19:43 014 Agile recruitment with Christian Düngfelder
00:21:30 015 Thinking and using processes differently – with Gavino Wismach and Peter Rochel
00:22:13 016 Outcome Driven Innovation with Martin Pattera
00:22:22 017 Answering the wrong questions well with AI – with Stefan Holtel
00:22:29 018 Cargo Cult, Firefighting and Agility with Boeffi
00:22:44 019 Revolution of the world of work part 1 – with Sebastian Baacke
00:22:57 020 Revolution of the world of work part 2 – with Sebastian Baacke
00:23:06 021 Artificial intelligence in marketing – with Alex Wunschel
00:23:12 022 The online roofer – with Jens Oenicke
00:23:26 023 The JTBD Interview – With Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel
00:23:37 024 JTBD Interview Structure – with Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel
00:23:46 025 Better questions for JTBD interviews – with Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel
00:23:59 026 Learning innovation methodology through play with “Playing Lean 2
00:24:16 027 Innovative in the tough daily business – with David Muggli
00:24:32 028 Efficiency innovation – please do not disturb
00:24:45 029 How JTBD was invented – mit Bob Moesta
00:24:51 030 Qualitative market research – with Eckhart Böhme
00:24:57 031 Onboarding in a culture of innovation – with Kai Rödiger
00:25:02 032 From JTBD to the right solution – With Peter Sonderegger
00:25:09 033 Indika Silva on flavours and innovation between head and palate
00:25:20 034 Tools for better user experiences – with Stefan Freimark
00:25:32 035 User Research in UX Design – with Stefan Freimark
00:25:45 036 System errors in personnel recruitment – with Dennis Schenkel
00:25:58 037 Jobs to Be Done Next Level – With Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel
00:26:03 038 Coworking rewired, with Philipp Hartje from Share DnC
00:26:13 039 News about the Wheel of Progress
00:26:22 040 Implement JTBD better – with Gavino Wismach

Review Season 2

00:26:30 041 Marketing turbo for sustainability – With Stefan Hück from Mantrafant
00:26:53 042 Customer interviews yes! But how and with whom?
00:26:59 043 The JTBD interview on buying a spare part for the coffee maker
00:27:08 044 Jobs to Be Done and Channels in the Business Model Canvas
00:27:24 045 Nobody wants Blockchain but Pay per Use – With Maximilian Forster from Cash on Ledger
00:27:35 046 Technologie and Greenfield Innovation
00:28:00 047 KI-volution – With Stefan Holtel
00:28:15 048 Finnovations – The full story of Stattys Notes
00:28:25 049 The Story of the Desk’s Job to Be Done
00:28:41 050 Corporate market research with Jobs to Be Done – with Sonja Knab from Burda Forward
00:28:56 051 Startup – You are not your customers! – With Johannes Deubner and Carolin Obernolte
00:29:18 052 Digitisation with insight – Stefan Dongus from Spectr Magazine
00:29:36 053 Clubhousekeeping
00:29:40 054 Talks on innovation and stakeholder leadership
00:29:55 055 Better coffee, better future! – With Dr. Gregor Reither
00:30:06 056 Shot – What is a JTBD?
00:30:11 057 Shot – What are JTBD Events?
00:30:15 058 Shot – What are JTBD Forces?
00:30:19 059 Talk round – It’s all about the questions!
00:30:38 060 Shot – How can you find events?
00:30:43 061 Shot – What is Limiting Context?
00:30:46 062 Talk round – Business for good, good for business?
00:31:19 063 Shot – Identifying good interview guests
00:31:27 064 Shot – What are JTBD interviews?
00:31:32 065 Shortage of Specialists- How can the Jobs to be Done method help?
00:31:40 066 Disruptive innovation in front of our eyes
00:31:50 067 Bitcoin – Driver of the Clean Disruption? With Daniel Wingen
00:32:15 068 Innovation Beyond Progress
00:32:52 069 Shot – What are JTBD solutions?
00:32:58 070 JTBD on Bitcoin – Update III
00:33:14 071 Talk round – Growth or change?
00:33:40 072 Mass products without waste and plastic – with Antonia Cox from Pottburri
00:34:22 073 Innovation and SDGs for Business with Patricia Moock
00:34:36 074 Alex von Frankenberg – Unicorns made in Germany and the HTGF
00:34:47 075 About banks without a solution and small savers – BTC Update IV
00:35:12 076 A surfboard becomes product of the year – with Stefan Klare from Tripstix
00:35:22 077 Shot – Recruiting interview guests
00:35:33 078 Intrapreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship with Christian Stumpf
00:36:05 079 Shot – Working hypothesis-based
00:36:16 080 Talk round – New and sustainable – What makes us more innovative?
00:37:01 081 The JTBD Bitcoin Study – Update V
00:37:46 082 Shopinbit – Unfair Advantage? With Lawrence Bahr
00:38:07 083 JTBD and Chaos Engineering with Nils Wloka from Steadybit
00:38:33 084 Business Model Hacking E-Commerce
00:38:45 085 Shot – The three types of innovation
00:38:54 086 Business Model Hacking Innovation consulting
00:39:08 087 Emlak24: PropTech start-up as a cultural bridge in the real estate market
00:39:55 088 Business Model Hacking with Bitcoin Impact
00:40:02 089 Low MedTech Innovation with Dr. Alexandre Wittig
00:40:27 090 Bitcoin strategy in the SME sector with Kristian Kläger
00:41:05 091 Deep Dive: Chat GPT – a classification with Stefan Holtel
00:41:27 092 Innovation in cashless payments for retail and gastronomy with Bastian Feder from Lipa
00:41:50 093 Business Model Hacking – Toilets as a service with Sanifair
00:41:54 094 JTBD Research and Product Development with Jan Milz
00:42:26 095 Lightning payments for businesses: Advantages, implementation and future of the Bitcoin payment system
00:42:30 096 Special Episode – Live Mega Mashup Bitcoin Podcast 2023
00:42:34 097 Important instead of complicated – The good relationship between Bitcoin and bank with Andreas Streb from VR Bank
00:42:54 098 Shot – Channel Phase Model: Optimise Jobs-to-be-Done Research
00:42:59 099 Unlocking Innovation: Fuzzy Front End Research with The Wheel of Progress with Katharina Weigert
00:43:41 Get Out

Jobs to be done – Workshops and Events

If you would like to learn more about the Jobs to be done Innovation Framework, you are invited to join our next open Jobs to be done Live Online Masterclass or Workshop. With eight sessions, each two and a half hours per session, we offer you a comprehensive opportunity to go deep into the practice. You can find all the information on our website.

For those who are already deep in practice, we offer our Jobs to be done Practitioners Offsite Event in Berlin in early November. Over two days we give practitioners the opportunity to exchange in a small group. You can find out more about this in the podcast episode with Jan Milz.

Invitation to dialogue

We are here for you! We cordially invite you to get in touch and enter into dialogue with us. We are ready to support you and your company in innovation efforts and discover customer needs together. Whether you have questions, suggestions or just want to exchange ideas – get in touch now!


Final words

It is a real pleasure to share this journey with you. With the right approach and a deep understanding of customer needs, together we can create sustainable success and shape the future. Stay inspired, stay motivated and discover the world of strategic business development with us. We look forward to many more years with you!

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