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Jobs to Be Done Agency

We help you to better understand your customers. Meaning we’ll find and use high value customer Jobs to Be Done for your products, services and your business. We also help you to align your products, marketing, business models and your business culture with high value unmet customers needs. These tasks we do fast, safe and reliable. Guaranteed.

JTBD Consulting, Services and Trainings since 2014

Customer jobs are the central basis for all value drivers in the business model. The only question is: how well you know it and use it systematically?

Systematically Creating Value by Focusing on Customer Jobs

You could also say we help you to solve urgent and/or important selection problems by systematically reducing uncertainties and creating evidence.

Do you know that? There are umpteen innovative ideas about how a business model, products or marketing could be improved or look like in the future… But what of it hits a nerve in the market? What kind of change is really paying off? You don’t have any security like yourself Customers really behavior and then you do what hurts the least – or nothing. That is exactly what we will solve for you or with you.

We help you and your organization to anticipate continuously or selectively, i.e. to foresee what will be the NEXT BIG THING, which Low Hanging Fruits you can harvest immediately and how you can recognize and reach your Blue ocean.

Product Development & Management

We will help you determine the innovative potential of your offer in the shortest possible time to sustainably line up the product development to the requirements of the market. For evolutionary (iterative) innovations and/or market creators innovations. So that you build products that more customers really want, in existing and new markets.

Find and Retain Customers

We help you identify highly effective marketing and distribution channels, including the message with the highest relevance to the best time. Tailor-made for your product range and the needs of the market. So that you can reach more customers in existing and new markets and make them become loyal fans.

Find and Retain Employees

We help you determine which measures will make your company a magnet for highly motivated, skilled workers and employees. So that your company not only inspires customers but also those resonsible to make sure it stays that way in the future.

Three Variants, Three Languages – Many Options

We offer all three of the following variants both remotely and on site or in combination. We speak either German, English or Spanish.

Empower – We’ll teach you and your teams

Do you want to be independent and anchor all the necessary skills in the company yourself? Then we will enable you and/or yourTeams with Workshops, Trainings and events. Our facilitators led by Peter Rochel are said to be among the most experienced JTBD practitioners and trainers in Europe. Peter, among other things, developed The Wheel of Progress® together with Eckhart Böhme, as well as the JTBD / WoP masterclasses, sprint frameworks and trainings.

Get it done – We’ll do it for you

It doesn’t work without your help. We could promise, but not keep it. But as a full service Jobs to Be Done Agency we can relieve you of a large part of the most difficult work and do a lot for you. From Research Sprint up to company-wide implementation of a JTBD Research Management.

Accompany – We’ll do it with you

You need quick results, but want to be independent from agencies and consultants in the long term? Then this is the best option: Co-creating. There we work together on the project, while we are enabling you to do it yourself or with less external support in the future.

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