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Special Episode – Live Mega Mashup Bitcoin Podcast 2023

18 German-language Bitcoin podcasts together and congenial on one stage in front of an audience. Can this go well?

The German-speaking Bitcoin landscape is growing, is bustling and very productive. How are you supposed to keep track and find the right podcast(s) for you?
The hosts of 18 Bitcoin podcasts from all over the German-speaking world asked themselves the same question and met in Leipzig in mid-March for a working and networking meeting and recorded a joint and congenial live mega-mashup Bitcoin podcast in front of an audience in the evening – while everyone was there.
In a total of six rounds, the hosts of three Bitcoin podcasts compete with each other (sometimes also against each other) to introduce themselves and/or the others as aptly and entertainingly as possible.
Whether it was successful, what came out of it and whether the hosts were able to inspire the audience on site? Listen for yourself!

To be heard wherever there are podcasts…

jobs to be done podcast

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Here you will find all the chapters of this episode with a time stamp:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:31 Swiss Bitcoin Conference
00:02:40 Disclaimer
00:05:48 Welcome
00:08:31 Round 1 – Sound Money Bitcoin Podcast, Nodesignal, Einundzwanzig
00:18:27 Round 2 – BTC Echo Recap, Orange Relationship, Was Bitcoin bringt
00:35:26 Round 3 – Bitcoin Bibliothek, Bitcoin verstehen, Innovate + Upgrade
00:52:39 Round 4 – Blocktrainer, Einemillionsatoshi, Pleb’s Taverne
01:09:55 Round 5 – Der Bitcoin Effekt, Konsens & Nonsens, Shield of Satoshi
01:28:00 Round 6 – Bitcoin, Fiat, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Honigdachs, Münzweg
01:45:40 Farewell

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