Employees and network

Consulting partner for corporate development

Over many years, a solid network of valuable partners and cooperations has emerged that can cover almost every need, even in the case of complex problems of company development, marketing, personnel development, market research.

These are partly independent consultants with special competences, partly research institutes, associations, companies, suppliers and service providers, which have proven to be particularly reliable and recommendable. All with excellent skills and services that will bring you unique value and benefits.

We associate with each of them joint projects and the good feeling of making each other absolutely recommendable. It turned out to be particularly important to work seamlessly in the interests of the customer without being primarily concerned with the short-term own advantage.

We would like to introduce you to the most important of my partners here on the following subpages.

Eckhart Böhme – Jobs to Be Done Theory

Eckhart Böhme specializes in jobs to be done theory as a trainer, speaker and author. He has written numerous articles on business model development, lean startup and the Jobs to Be Done theory, is a translator of Jonathan Briggs’ Jobs to Be Done interview cards, and was involved as a technical consultant on the German translation of Clayton Christensen’s Wall Street Journal best performer “Competing Against Luck”.

JTBD Faciliator

Consultant for Jobs to Be Done

As a trainer, speaker and author, Eckart is part of team Oberwasser Consulting® for Jobs to Be Done-Inhouse trainings and workshops, as well as Jobs to Be Done Integration. More than 18 years of marketing and product management at Microsoft, 12 of them in the USA, make him one of the most experienced JTBD professionals in the German-speaking world.

Gavino Wismach – Holistic Knowledge Management

Gavino Wismach specializes in holistic knowledge management as a trainer, speaker and author. As a practice-oriented thinker, he has published numerous articles in specialist journals. He develops solutions for extraction and securing implicit process knowledge.

Consultant for Knowledge Management

Specialist consultant for knowledge management

As a consultant and author, Gavino is part of team Oberwasser Consulting® for holistic knowledge management, in-house trainings and workshops and process analyses. Practical knowledge from large organisations and his publications make him one of the few experts in the field of holistic knowledge management in Germany.

Personnel and organizational consulting – Wolfgang Flüchter

Change Expert

Business Coach for Change Processes

As a trainer and consultant, Wolfgang is part of the Oberwasser Consulting® team for personnel and organizational development. 20 years in the regular staff of the Volkswagen Academy and many years of experience in SMEs make him one of the best companions for executives in company-wide change processes.

Business Coach and Innovator – Alexander Moths

He was one of the digital pioneers with his e-commerce company in the 1990s. He then founded an artist & event agency and his own jazz label. Today, he accompanies start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as companies in the field of innovation as Catalyst, Coach and Moderator.

Creativity Hacker

Expert in creativity and innovation

As a moderator and coach, serial entrepreneur Alexander is part of team Oberwasser Consulting® for inspiring workshops and innovation methodology. His experience in the development of innovative business models, with multisensory marketing and the jobs-to-done theory make him a specialist in creativity hacking.