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Jobs to Be Done Trainings and Workshops

You want to learn how Jobs to Be Done interviews are conducted, you want to align your business model, your product, your marketing, sales or entire business model portfolios with customer jobs and better utilise synergies of brands and products. You want to innovatively develop your company towards more sustainability without losing customers or market share? We have just the right workshops and trainings for you.

On-site or remote, for teams of any size

Lunch and Learn

A JTBD Lunch&Learn session helps you set an inspiring impulse from which all employees benefit. Tailored specifically to your topic, in passing, during the lunch break.

JTBD Workshops

JTBD workshops help to learn and implement precisely what is relevant in working with JTBD and The Wheel of Progress® Framework. Modular, structured, inspiring, productive and interactive.

JTBD Sprints

JTBD Sprints help you complete entire projects in under two weeks. Guided by us and carried out together. Sprints empower your team and produce the most valuable results at the same time.

The complete and comprehensive JTBD Framework

JTBD Progress Innovation Tools

Valuable customer jobs form the foundation from which value is created for customers and companies. The framework provides mindset, language and method to identify and optimally use them for product, marketing, business model and portfolio.

We “commission” products and services to do a specific task (job) for us – the “Job to Be Done”, or JTBD for short.

This is the hypothesis behind the Jobs to Be Done Theorie.

If we knew which jobs customers actually engaged our products and services for, that would be a huge advantage. For marketing, sales, product development and innovation direction. If we also knew how well our products and services do their job from the customer’s point of view, that would be another advantage.

Based on JTBD, irresistible value propositions can be created in a virtually competition-free space. Clayton Christensen, one of the world’s best business thinkers and a professor at Havard Business School, has not only described his research on this in his recent book Competing Against Luck, but also a precise way to implement it.

In our JTBD workshops you learn to identify and qualify JTBD.

Identify and address valuable client jobs

By identifying and addressing tasks that people want to do, product and service features can be better planned and innovations can be more predictable.

The inventor of the term “disruptive innovation” Clayton M. Christensen has been propagating the Jobs to Be Done theory for years and gives entrepreneurs a tool to see customer needs in a new light. This can be used to discover unmet needs and develop products and services that help customers complete tasks in unique ways.

Learn to conduct Jobs to Be Done customer interviews

Here’s what you can find out through Jobs to Be Done interviews:

• why and for what motives a customer buys,

• which “forces” can prevent customers from buying or favour a purchase decision,

• how to discover hidden needs that are worth satisfying with a product or service. Commission us to identify the “jobs” of your customers.

Jobs to Be Done Toolbox including interview cards

In the workshop we work with the help of the specially designed toolbox and 50 JTBD interview cards. These were developed by Jonathan Briggs, long-time professor at Kingston University in London, in order to optimally learn the special questioning techniques in Jobs To Be Done customer interviews. Translated to German by Eckhardt Böhme.

The toolbox includes other exclusive tools and aids for the successful use of Jobs to Be Done.

Jobs To Be Done Toolbox – German

JTBD Workshop moderators team

The Jobs to Be Done workshops are facilitated by experienced JTBD practitioners. Available in German, English and Spanish.

Jobs to Be Done Coaches Peter Rochel, Eckhart Böhme, Alexander Moths
Jobs to Be Done Moderators Team of the Jumpstart Seminars

Eckhart Böhme was a long-time marketing employee at Microsoft Corporation, the technical advisor for the translation of Clayton Christensens Buch “Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice and “The Startup Way: How Entrepreneurial Management Transforms Culture and Drives Growth” by Eric Ries and works as a Jobs to Be Done trainer and consultant.

Alexander Moths, together with Peter, is the host of the most active Innovation Meetup series on Jobs to Be Done in the German-speaking world. ince the mid-90s, he has been advising companies in the digital economy on the development of innovative product and service offerings. Today he accompanies companies as a coach, Creativity Hacker and facilitator.

Peter Rochel is considered to be one of the most experienced JTBD practitioners in the German-speaking world. The strategy and business coach has been successfully using Jobs to Be Done in a wide range of industries and organisations for over 15 years. These include software companies, media groups, digital marketers, consultancies as well as start-ups, craft and industrial businesses.

JTBD = basis for the Value Proposition Design

Jobs to Be Done are the most important foundation on which the Value Proposition Design Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder is based. For Value Proposition Design, or VPD for short, it is of enormous importance to address the right customer jobs.

If you use it correctly, you have a tool with which you can develop products and services that customers really want.

More about VPD here

Further workshops offered by Oberwasser Consulting®

Jobs To Be Done Meetup

Innovation with method? – Jobs to Be Done

Join us at our Meetup in Cologne and exchange ideas with innovation and JTBD practitioners!

You have questions or would like to find out about a JTBD workshop date?

Then call us right away or send us an email. The first telephone consultation is always free of charge!

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