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Important instead of complicated – The good relationship between Bitcoin and bank

Bitcoin, banks and dealing with disruptive technology

How a cooperative bank uses the market-creating potential of Bitcoin for its own business model

In this podcast episode of Innovate & Upgrade, Peter Rochel talks to Andreas Streb, Deputy CEO of Volksbank und Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte, about disruptive technologies and specifically the relationship between Bitcoin and banks. The conversation revolves around the question of whether Bitcoin poses a threat to the business model of banks and how established companies should deal with such technologies. As the deputy CEO of a bank that proactively engages with Bitcoin, Andreas Streb shares his perspective on the topic and explains how this technology landed on his screen and why they engage with it.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:02:47 Why Bitcoin is important for a bank
00:04:51 Overlooking the subject
00:09:45 Understanding Bitcoin First
00:16:17 Retain customers
00:21:09 Bitcoin in the business model
00:24:49 Note Bitcoin Business Innovation Bootcamp
00:25:57 Therefore focus on Bitcoin
00:32:18 How the market responds
00:36:48 Creating value for customers
00:45:30 An own Bitcoin trading portal
00:50:30 Financing experiments
01:02:24 Bitcoin, Crypto, Speculation
01:09:19 What banks should do now
01:11:37 Get Out

Why Bitcoin represents an opportunity and not a threat for banks

In today’s digitalised world, banks must constantly find new ways to satisfy their customers and remain competitive. One disruptive technology that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years is Bitcoin. Few banks are sufficiently active with the cryptocurrency and recognise its potential. In this article, you’ll learn why Bitcoin is a vital opportunity, not a threat, for banks.

Bitcoin and the business model of banks

A common argument against Bitcoin is that the cryptocurrency threatens the traditional business model of banks. In fact, Bitcoin offers many advantages for users, such as the ability to operate independently of banks and states. But for banks, Bitcoin also offers opportunities that need to be exploited.

Banks and Bitcoin – a real-life example

Andreas Streb, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Volksbank und Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte, talks about the relationship between Bitcoin and banks in our interview. He explains how his bank started to get involved with Bitcoin and what offers it has developed for its customers.

VR Bank Bayern Mitte has realised that it should provide a comprehensive range of Bitcoin-related services for its customers instead of sending them to other providers. It has developed a trade portal to strengthen customer loyalty and explore new business areas. The Bank emphasises a structured approach to innovation to increase the likelihood of success.

Why Bitcoin represents an opportunity for banks

Bitcoin offers banks the opportunity to expand their business model and open up new sources of revenue. The cryptocurrency enables banks to expand their services and position themselves as competent contacts for all their customers’ wealth matters. Bitcoin is also an incentive for banks to expand their expertise in blockchain technology, which is seen as important and will play an important role in the future.


Bitcoin is a disruptive technology that offers many challenges and opportunities for banks. Those banks that get to grips with Bitcoin and build up expertise have the chance to strengthen their customer loyalty and explore new areas of business. Bitcoin is not a threat to the business model of banks, but an opportunity that should be seized.

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