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Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is probably the only ressource that becomes more when you share it. Exactly according to this motto, we regularly organize events where we do just that. We always share a high level of practice, and make sure that participants can also try out and ecperiment allot.


  • Innovation with Jobs to Be Done
  • Decrypt undiscovered customer needs with the Wheel of Progress®
  • Scale, not fail – Bringing new employees to flight altitude in record time
  • JTBD as a staff magnet – Why people really want to work with you or not.

Innovation and transformation – thought from the customer’s perspective

The bestseller: Jobs to Be Done. Not without pride, we have created one of the most active, and now the world’s largest, meetups on the subject. There is always a short introduction to JTBD + Special topics. Special topics such as customer interviews and evaluateors or practical examples and project ideas. We regularly test and experiment with the latest tools and methods to systematically uncover customer needs and work with them in a structured way.

Hosts Welcome – Our next Meetup at your place?

Even if we have our regular places, we are always open to new hosts and sponsors of a meetup, which are mostly free for the participants. If you think your business is the perfect place to run a JTBD meetup – then reach out and we’ll discuss whether it really fits.

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JTBD Meetup #24 – Kebab-flavoured pizza

Is this disruptive, market-creating, or a crappy chindogu? How do customers see your next feature, product, or marketing idea? Next big thing or irrelevant, that’s the question that will be the issue at our next Meetup in Cologne.


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Jobs to be Done Rewired

On 08.01.2020 we continue, this time as a guest at wework. In this meetup we first refresh the JTBD basics. Then we deal with the Jobs to Be Done evaluation canvas “Wheel of Progress®”. Alexander Moths and Peter Rochel play through the application with you using a real case. Today it will be about winter […]


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