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Discover the first season of our Innovate+Upgrade podcast on topics such as innovation, digitalisation and business management. Get inspiration and ideas from experts and get inspired by our conversations and discussions.

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Innovate+Upgrade: 100 episodes of inspiration for innovation and strategy

Welcome to the 100th Episode of Innovate+Upgrade with Peter Rochel! In this anniversary episode, we reflect on almost six years of strategic business development and share insights into effective methods and practices. Learn more about Business Model Design, Jobs to be Done (JTBD), and the importance of innovation and transformation. Discover how you can better understand customer needs and successfully lead your company into the future. Join us and let’s shape progress together from a customer perspective!


Efficiency innovation – Please do not disturb

Is innovation necessarily the enemy of clean processes? What seems to be a classic management task is difficult to achieve in practice: continuous innovation that leads to an increase in efficiency. Why this is so, and what can be done about it, is the subject of this podcast episode with Gavino Wismach. Listen to it […]


Improving implementations

Great idea! (we don’t do either) Wheel of Progress, Jobs to Be Done, agile working, Design Thinking , Business Model Canvas and, and and… are certainly all ingenious methods and excellent tools. In practice, the rapid and secure introduction of tools and methods is particularly difficult. Often good and new approaches are burned and are […]


Coworking and innovation with Share DnC – Oberwasser Consulting

Discover how Share DnC is reshaping coworking and fostering innovation. Find out how the platform sublets unused office space and thus became the largest office space brokerage platform in Germany. Learn more about the transformative power of office sharing.


Qualitative market research

Validity of facts without alternatives How do you prove qualitative results? Those who have identified the Jobs to Be Done, be it to improve products or even to initiate a new direction for the company, must be absolutely certain. A typical challenge of qualitative market research and with the risk of making gross mistakes. How […]


Jobs to Be Done – Next Level

Is demystification and a simpler picture coming from the JTBD? Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel report on the latest developments and a new JTBD model that they are currently developing. The two have developed a new model that integrates the existing models. It should also be both a tool and a means of communication and […]


Bob Moesta about Jobs to Be Done

No customer job = No innovation In this podcast episode, Peter Rochel talks to Bob Moesta, one of the main architects of Jobs to Be Done Theory. In addition to some JTBD history, it is about the real world practice in the development of sustaining-, efficiency-, or market-creating innovations. This episode is in English. Subscribers […]