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Coworking and innovation with Share DnC – Oberwasser Consulting

Coworking reimagined, with Philipp Hartje from Share DnC

“When people from a wide variety of fields come together in one place to work, this is sometimes the beginning of an exciting journey, into new territory – it is not uncommon to come across the unexpected and, above all, a lot of inventiveness.” – This is what is stated on the Share DnC website.

Coworking space by Share DnC
picturecredit: ©dittmarandfriends Office Design

To whom and how does coworking help to increase innovation and how to build a successful business model as a platform? This is exactly what Peter Rochel discusses with Philipp Hartje, founder and managing director of Share DnC. In 2015, Philipp and his two co-founders wanted nothing more than to create the “airbnb for office space” from Cologne. Today, Share DnC is the largest platform for brokering office space, offering office space for subletting in more than 200 German cities.

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Philipp Hartje, Founder and Managing Director of Share DnC
Philipp Hartje, GF at Share DnC

About Share DnC

Share DnC started in 2015 to offer companies an easy way to sublet unused office space. In the meantime, the Cologne-based company describes itself as the largest platform for brokering office space, with more than 1,000 active providers at more than 200 locations. Share DnC is currently active in Germany and Austria, but wants to expand internationally.

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