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Tag: Startups

Start-ups are young companies that enter the market with an innovative idea or a novel product. Often founded by individuals or small teams, they strive for rapid growth and scaling. They are characterised by risk-taking, agility and the goal of opening up new market segments or revolutionising existing ones.

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Relai CEO Julian Liniger: The bridge between bitcoin technology and people

In a world where disruptive technologies set the tone, Bitcoin is also repeatedly at the centre of many discussions. Julian Liniger, CEO of Relai and Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, dives deep into the challenges and solutions of buying Bitcoin and discusses how to make technology accessible to everyone.


Paying cashless with cash – Bitcoin for the retail trade

Innovative cashless payment solution for retail and hospitality: Lipa from Lightning Payment Services AG offers fast, secure payments with Bitcoin technology. Benefits for both sides: Customers get control and an overview, traders save fees. Listen to the podcast episode now or read on, right here.


Coworking and innovation with Share DnC – Oberwasser Consulting

Discover how Share DnC is reshaping coworking and fostering innovation. Find out how the platform sublets unused office space and thus became the largest office space brokerage platform in Germany. Learn more about the transformative power of office sharing.