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Here you will find podcast short episodes on the topics of JTBD, The Wheel of Progress® and client interviewing techniques. We call them shots. In it, we explain a topic succinctly and to the point in just a few minutes.

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jobs to be done podcast


Channel Phase Model: Optimise Jobs-to-be-Done Research

Discover the channel phase model developed by Peter Rochel to get the most out of your jobs-to-be-done research and optimally align your product or business model with customer needs.


Recruiting JTBD interview guests

In this JTBD podcast shot, Peter Rochel explains how you can safely get the best participants for your JTBD interviews in 3 steps. He shows what exactly needs to be considered and reveals valuable tips and tricks that will save you time, nerves and money – regardless of whether you want to recruit the guests yourself or hire an agency to do it for you.


The Job to Be Done – JTBD

Podcast Short Episode (German language)- What is a Job to Be Done? Peter Rochel explains in 4 minutes what a JTBD is, how to describe it, which elements belong to it and why you need it.