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Tag: Shot

Here you will find podcast short episodes on the topics of JTBD, The Wheel of Progress® and client interviewing techniques. We call them shots. In it, we explain a topic succinctly and to the point in just a few minutes.


Recruiting JTBD interview guests

In this JTBD podcast shot, Peter Rochel explains how you can safely get the best participants for your JTBD interviews in 3 steps. He shows what exactly needs to be considered and reveals valuable tips and tricks that will save you time, nerves and money – regardless of whether you want to recruit the guests yourself or hire an agency to do it for you.


The Job to Be Done – JTBD

Podcast Short Episode (German language)- What is a Job to Be Done? Peter Rochel explains in 4 minutes what a JTBD is, how to describe it, which elements belong to it and why you need it.