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Integrating Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) research into product development enables companies to create customer-centric and innovative products. JTBD focuses on understanding customer needs and goals in order to develop products that optimally meet them. This leads to higher product success as products are better tailored to customer needs rather than based on assumptions. JTBD research is a promising approach to competitive and customer-oriented product development.

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Unlocking Innovation: Fuzzy Front End Research with the Wheel of Progress

Are you looking for an effective method for customer research and innovation management? Then the Wheel of Progress® is just right for you. In our latest podcast episode, Katharina Weigert and Peter Rochel talk about the versatile applications of this revolutionary framework.


JTBD Research and Product Development

🎧JTBD Deep Dive: From Research and Product Development🎧Dive into the world of product development and research with Jobs to Be Done! Learn about the challenges and misunderstood tools in this field. Get valuable insights and take your products to the next level. Listen to the podcast now!👂💻💡