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JTBD Interviews: Effective candidate selection

The Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) method is a powerful tool to drive innovation and transformation in organisations. A crucial success factor for JTBD projects is well-conducted interviews with the right candidates. In this article we will give you tips and tricks on how to find the right interview candidates for your JTBD interviews and how to prepare them optimally.

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Find candidates for JTBD interviews in 7 steps

  1. Allow sufficient time for recruitment and interviews. Block enough slots in your calendar to be able to react flexibly to different availabilities. A one-week buffer between recruitment and the start of the interview is recommended.
  2. Avoid your best favourite clients as interview partners. They have usually been around for a long time and find it difficult to remember the decision-making moments relevant to the JTBD method.
  3. Include current customers in your interviews, especially those who have recently bought your product or service. This gives you fresh perspectives on your offer.
  4. In the B2B sector, you should primarily ask the users of your product or service, not just the decision-makers. Users can provide you with valuable insights into the actual use of your offer.
  5. Don’t forget to include non-customers in your interviews. The market of non-customers is usually larger and more interesting than that of current customers.
  6. Keep your screener simple and short. Use a maximum of three yes-no questions and formulate them from the first person perspective.
  7. Don’t be too focused on one particular person as an interview candidate. There is not one candidate who is so much more important than all the others. No one is irreplaceable.

Useful tools to identify candidates

In addition to these basic tips, there are some helpful tools that can assist you in recruiting interview candidates. For example, we have developed special screener cards for candidates. If you want to try them out, just drop us a line.

You can also get an idea of the results of a JTBD kick-off workshop by visiting our open source JTBD on Bitcoin project on our website. Here you will find a mural board that shows how the best candidates for such a project were determined.

If you want to run such a workshop yourself for identifying suitable candidates, check out the Company Innovation Toolbox on the remote workshop platform, Here you will find a free template for mural boards for this type of kick-off meeting.

The right interview candidates are the key to the success of a JTBD project.

Overall, effective recruitment and preparation of interview candidates for JTBD projects is critical to their success. By following the tips above and using the tools presented, you can increase the quality of your interviews and thus achieve better results for your company.

Finally, we encourage you to take the next step towards successful JTBD projects. If you are now thinking, “Hey, I want to drive innovation and transformation with the Jobs-to-Be-Done method and attract enough enthusiastic, paying customers as well as committed employees who would like to do a great job with me on a long-term basis”, then don’t hesitate any longer and contact us.

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