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Channel Phase Model: Optimise Jobs-to-be-Done Research

Illustration of the 5-stage channel phase model for the optimal use of jobs-to-be-done research

For the best use of jobs-to-be-done research data

Discover the channel phase model developed by Peter Rochel to get the most out of your jobs-to-be-done research and optimally align your product or business model with customer needs.

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Here we would like to introduce you to the Channel Phase Model, or Channel Value Proposition Design Model, developed by Peter Rochel. This model helps you to make the most of your jobs-to-be-done research and align your product, service or business model with the market.

The channel phase model: getting more out of your jobs-to-be-done research

The channel phase model is derived from Alexander Osterwalder’s “channels” from his book “Business Model Generation” and helps you to filter out exactly the information you need for your own innovation progress from your acquired data in the jobs-to-be-done research.

The following is described in five phases and linked to the research data:

  1. Draw awareness
  2. Enable benefit or quality check
  3. Enable access
  4. Create progress
  5. Ensuring loyalty

Efficient and effective marketing, sales and product

By using the channel phase model, you can make marketing, sales and product as effective and efficient as possible. This saves your customers and yourself time, effort and money.

In practice, it has been shown that this can lead to leaps and bounds, such as radically shortening lengthy purchasing decisions or rapidly increasing sales while reducing marketing costs.

Practical examples and further information

For practical examples, feel free to listen to podcast episode 4 of the first season or episode 1 of the second season. Also recommended is the article in Impulse magazine, April 2023 issue, page 20, which also offers an online article.

Support in the implementation of Jobs-to-be-Done

If you would like to finally implement innovation and transformation with jobs-to-be-done in order to win permanently enthusiastic customers, then get in touch with us. We can help you with workshops, sprints and trainings. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry. We do this in German, English or Spanish.

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