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Oberwasser Consulting and UTXO Solutions introduce the Mastering JTBD Innovation – Live Online Workshop

A key to increasing innovation in companies

Cologne, 03.10.2023 – In times when companies need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay competitive, Oberwasser Consulting and UTXO Solutions jointly launch their latest live online workshop: “Mastering Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) Innovation Framework”.

This training is aimed at decision-makers, product managers, developers and other specialists in product development. It offers efficient methods and frameworks for all those who want to secure their company’s innovative edge. For the first time since 2020, Oberwasser Consulting’s complete JTBD Innovation Framework is again available in a format accessible to all and not just as an exclusive in-house offering.

“In a constantly changing business world, it is essential to systematically identify and respond to the real needs of customers. With our ‘Mastering JTBD Innovation’ workshop, we offer companies the tools and knowledge to keep their finger on the pulse and create future-proof innovations. I like to refer to this approach as ‘Careful Disruption‘ – a careful, thoughtful disruption of the familiar.”

Peter Rochel, owner of Oberwasser Consulting”.

The JTBD Innovation Framework – A Paradigm Shift in Innovation Management and Product Development

The JTBD concept, which has its origins in Clayton Christensen’s work “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, focuses on understanding the real needs and desires of customers. Rather than relying on demographic or psychographic data, JTBD aims to identify the ‘jobs’ that customers want done and develop solutions that best fulfil those ‘jobs’.

New JTBD Online Workshop

The Wheel of Progress® – A revolutionary tool for businesses

A central element of this workshop is The Wheel of Progress®, a practical model developed as a boundary tool by Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel to contextualise consumer behaviour. It enables companies to use applicable data directly in the next phases of the business or product development process.

Why this workshop is indispensable

  • Customer-oriented innovation: Participants learn how to develop products and services that offer exactly what their customers really want.
  • Practical implementation: Participants learn how to use the JTBD framework – including the Wheel of Progress® and other tools. In this way, they gain profound insights into consumer behaviour and can directly derive requirements for product and business model development.
  • Direct exchange with industry experts: Participants benefit from the experience of the most renowned German-speaking experts in the field of JTBD and exchange ideas directly with them.

Information and registration for the workshop:

Graphic with hypothetical questions related to improving business practices, referencing the Jobs to Be Done methodology.

Voices of participants :

“Right from the start, I realised how valuable qualitative research and especially the Wheel of Progress in combination with the channel phase model is for strategic business decisions. It has revolutionised our corporate communication, customer approach and sales strategy. A real game changer!”

Nils Wloka – CPTO Steadybit

“The principle behind JTBD, developed at Harvard University, completely shifted my perspective on market needs and customer loyalty. But no one there showed you how to actually apply it. Peter Rochel’s JTBD Innovation Framework changed the game in that respect.”

Mani Padisetti – Co-Founder, Digital Armour

“The clear presentation of the JTBD methodology and the expertise during the interviews gave us valuable insights to optimise our product development and better address customer needs.”

Michael von Pidoll – TÜV Rheinland AG

“As a founder and experienced product developer, I was impressed by the systematic approach of the JTBD Interview Sprint. In just 2 days we learned more about our product and our customers than in the last 3 years. This knowledge has enabled us to make our advertising campaigns three times more effective while improving our product.”

Stefan Hück – Founder of Mantrafant

There are still a few places left on the Jobs to Be Done online course, the next live online masterclass where Peter Rochel teaches the framework exactly as we implement it for all our clients, from start-ups to corporations, as well as ourselves.

Imagine experiencing a whole new level of data-driven customer focus that includes everything you need for marketing, product development, sales and strategy.

Next Start:

The next Mastering JTBD Research& Innovation Online Workshop starts on 10.10.2023. If you still want to join us, then arrange an online information session now, or give us a call.

The individual modules take place on the following days, on Tuesdays and Fridays, starting at 9:00 a.m. each day.

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