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Relai CEO Julian Liniger: The bridge between bitcoin technology and people

Julian Liniger CEO of Relai about customer needs and founding

In a world where disruptive technologies set the tone, Bitcoin is also repeatedly at the centre of many discussions. But how do we make such fascinating technology accessible to the average person? This is the central theme of our latest Innovate+Upgrade podcast episode. In this episode, Julian Liniger reveals how he makes technology accessible to all and the challenges he had to overcome along the way.

Julian Liniger

Our guest, Julian Liniger, co-founder and CEO of Relai, has made it his mission to simplify the purchase of Bitcoin. His impressive background in business administration, banking and psychology offers him a unique perspective in the world of Bitcoin technology.

Made it onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

But that is not all. Julian recently earned a spot on the coveted Forbes 30 Under 30 list, highlighting his role as a leading innovator in the industry. In this episode, we dive deep into the challenges and solutions of buying bitcoin and discuss how to make technology accessible to everyone.

During the episode, Julian highlights the difficulties many experience when buying Bitcoin and how his platform, Relai, helps to simplify the process. It’s a fascinating discussion that highlights the balancing act between user-friendliness, disruption and the bridge between technology and everyday use.

For anyone interested in the intersection of technology, innovation and business, this is a must. It’s not only an opportunity to learn from one of the brightest minds in the crypto world, but also to understand how technology can shape our future.

Here you can listen to Innovate+Upgrade with Julian Liniger directly:

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All chapter markers

  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:02:52 From the Alpine Village to Silicon Valley
  • 00:05:57 Not Crypto
  • 00:12:51 A complex problem becomes an app
  • 01:19:02 You don’t become an entrepreneur at university
  • 01:26:07 Vision vs. best trade off
  • 00:34:16 From €0 to €1bn volume
  • 00:40:56 Get Out

More questions answered in this episode:

  • What is complicated about buying Bitcoin?
  • Can bitcoin purchases be made easier?
  • How can technology be made accessible to everyone?

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