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Open Source JTBD on Money

Money – a word that everyone has heard of, but few know what it actually means. What do people use money for? Which jobs does it perform in their lives and others? What job are they hiring money for? What does money mean to whom in a global financial system? Under what conditions do people permanently switch to a different type of money? If you know the answer to all of these questions, congratulations! If you don’t, let’s find out together with our innovation study: Open Source JTBD on Money.

Exciting for all those interested in finance – and those who would like to be.


What is Bitcoin? What are the characteristics of good/bad money? What characteristics does money have for you?

For the Einundzwanzig Community, Nils Rauschert and Peter Rochel are out and about on the streets of Cologne. There they talk to many people about one topic: Bitcoin. How much do people actually know about Bitcoin and money in general? Which jobs does money have to perform?

Phase 1 – Kickoff

The goal in Phase 1 is to give all participants a common understanding of the project. In order to do so, all members of the team are brought to the same level of information so that they have a shared language and idea about the JTBD, the elements and progress. Together they create a shared hypothesis and and define the candidate profiles – all of this happens within only a few hours.

Phase 2 – Research

In Phase 2 the data for the study is generated. The most valuable way to obtain information is through customer interviews. Which Jobs to Be Done do the products need to perform? Which ones should they perform? What are the pains and gains? What are the trigger events? All of this is worked out in interviews with individual candidates. All interviews for a hypothesis are recorded, analysed and mapped on Wheel of Progress® Canvases. At the end of Phase 2 there will be first evidence about the jobs that matter and the conditions under which people are willing to change to you product or solution long lastingly.

Series 1 Interviewees Still Wanted:

Interviews Finished

Phase 3 – Implementation in business model

The research part is finished, patterns have been identified and elaborated, the strongest gains and forces are known. Now the findings/results are compared with your own business model or solution approach. Where are the greatest opportunities and possibilities? How do you benefit from the generated intel?

Project Partners:

Muenzweg Bitcoin Podcast
Bitcoin Trade Publisher Aprycot Media

Paying with Bitcoin

Those who are now wondering whether Bitcoin will become established as a means of payment can take a look at Coinpages and see where it is already possible to pay with Bitcoin today. If you want to buy specific products with Bitcoin, you can also find a lot of what your heart desires at Shopinbit. By the way, all of our services can also be paid for with Bitcoin.

Podcast episodes on the project status: