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Swiss Bitcoin Conference

Three days full of exciting lectures, talks, discussions, workshops and, above all, lots of networking – 27 to 30 April in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Innovationsworkshops und Geschäftsmodellinnovation mt Bitcoin

Are you a passionate Bitcoiner, entrepreneur, investor or just starting your Bitcoin journey? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Swiss Bitcoin Conference 2023, which takes place from 27 to 30 April in Kreuzlingen, the largest Swiss city on Lake Constance, is the place to be. This community event is for everyone interested in Bitcoin and offers three days of exciting talks, conversations, discussions, workshops and networking opportunities.


The conference promises a valuable learning experience where you can learn from and inspire others, get new ideas and perspectives. There is ample space for creative exchange, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning, all focused on the Bitcoin space. Meet like-minded people, network with industry experts and benefit from companies that are active in the Space.

Who is the Swiss Bitcoin Conference suitable for?

Whether entrepreneur, investor, sponsor, newcomer or experienced Bitcoiner, the conference is open to all. Here you will meet people who are just as passionate about Bitcoin as you are. The Swiss Bitcoin Conference is the largest community event in Switzerland and brings well-known names from the German-speaking scene to Kreuzlingen. The location offers space for 800 participants from the Lake Constance region and the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Industry Days

At 27. and 28 April we start with the Industry Days which are offered for Bitcoiners who are or want to be entrepreneurs. There, together with Alexander Moths, I will hold the three-part “INNOVATION BOOTCAMP – Bitcoin Business Model Building” for entrepreneurs, start-up founders, nascent entrepreneurs and Bitcoiners who want to work together on innovative projects and be accompanied by experts. The projects developed during the boot camp will be presented to the general public and potential investors on Saturday.

From expanding customer segments to creating new business opportunities, check out our Innovate+Upgrade podcast to learn more about “Business Model Innovation with Bitcoin” in advance. For example, in our latest episode: Lightning Payments for Business: Benefits, implementation and future of the Bitcoin payment system.

Lectures and discussions

On all three days of the conference, you can expect interesting talks and discussion panels held by experts and industry leaders from the Bitcoin world. Here you have the opportunity to find out about the latest trends, technologies and developments in the bitcoin sector and to exchange ideas with other participants.


In addition to the lectures and discussions, there will also be a variety of workshops where you can deepen your knowledge and gain practical experience. These workshops cover different aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem and offer valuable insights for both beginners and advanced users.

Networking opportunities

The Swiss Bitcoin Conference 2023 offers excellent networking opportunities. Use the breaks and evening events to network with other participants, experts and companies. These contacts can help you achieve your professional and personal goals in Bitcoin.

Well-known names and speakers

Swiss Bitcoin Conference Kreuzlingen at Lake Constance 2023.

The Swiss Bitcoin Conference 2023 attracts some of the best-known names and speakers from the German-speaking Bitcoin scene. So did Daniel Wingen, Alexander von Frankenberg, Niko Jilch, Alexander Moths and many more. You have the chance to listen to these experts, ask questions and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Registration and participation in the Swiss Bitcoin Conference

To participate in the Swiss Bitcoin Conference 2023, you need to register in advance. Registration is via the official conference website, where you can also find more information on ticket prices. For our customers and readers there is a 5% discount on ticket prices with the voucher code Oberwasser.

The Swiss Bitcoin Conference 2023 offers a unique opportunity to learn about Bitcoin, network and have fun. Take this chance to expand your knowledge – and maybe even meet future business partners.

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