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Dirk Roeder: The interface between blockchain technology and the corporate world

In this episode of our podcast “The Bitcoin Effekt”, Dirk Roeder, member of the Web3 Infrastructure and Solutions team at Deutsche Telekom MMS, discusses the role of blockchain and Bitcoin in the business world. With his experience in the blockchain industry since 2016, Dirk offers a deep insight into the challenges and opportunities that blockchain technologies offer for large organisations.

About Dirk Roeder

Dirk Roeder brings his extensive experience in blockchain technology to Deutsche Telekom and plays a key role in the research and implementation of Web3 solutions.

From blockchain to Bitcoin Lightning

The episode highlights Dirk’s journey to Deutsche Telekom, the company’s decision to focus on staking and blockchain infrastructure services, and the latest developments regarding Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. It will also discuss the challenges associated with introducing new technologies into a large organisation, as well as the environmental impact of Bitcoin and the associated business concerns.

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This episode provides valuable insights into the intersection between advanced blockchain technology and adaptability in an established large organisation.

More questions answered in this episode:

  • How can a large company effectively integrate blockchain technologies into its existing infrastructure?
  • What role does environmental sustainability play in the implementation of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies?
  • How can the balance between innovation and regulatory compliance be maintained in a large, traditional company?
  • To what extent does blockchain technology offer scalable solutions for business applications?
  • What impact will the introduction of Bitcoin and Lightning Network services have on existing business models and strategies?

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