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Jobs to Be Done Workshops & Trainings

JTBD Workshops and Trainings

You would rather learn and do it yourself instead of letting someone else do it for you? No Problem, you can either come by or we’ll come to your place. You have the option of learning individually or as a team (of course all formats and trainings are of location-independent and can be done remote as well) from us:

JTBD workshops provide certainty for value proposition design

Workshops and seminars

Since 2011, we have empowered teams and individuals to work with the Jobs to Be Done theory – in product development, marketing and sales. Over the years, in countless projects and workshops, we have developed ever better methods and tools. The tool that has brought a breakthrough in the development of insights and which we use in our daily work is The Wheel of Progress® – The 2-day open masterclass developed by Eckhart Böhme and Peter Rochel in 2019 is the result of more than 12 years of project experience with JTBD Frameworks, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Innovation. With an extremely high proportion of practice, we enable participants to work with our Jobs to Be Done Toolbox and to get off to an inspiring quick start in the world of their own customers.

Our offer ranges from short impulses to JTBD interview trainings, JTBD business exploration, to fully comprehensive masterclasses and certifications for the complete framework. It offers the right solutions and opportunities for all areas to engage and work with the Jobs to Be Done theory.

Start your journey to a deeper understanding of your customers now and sign up for one of our workshops or trainings. Call now and discover the possibilities that Jobs to Be Done theory holds for your business!

More information about our workshops and trainings

The Wheel of Progress® Jobs to Be Done Academy
We train and certify trainers and consultants for the commercial use of the Wheel of Progress®.

Other Topics for Workshops and Trainings:

JTBD Training

Focus on your Customers

Focus on Employees

  • Work in marketing with client jobs
  • Work in product management with customer jobs
  • Work in sales with customer jobs
  • Safely implement and realise new methods instead of burning them out
  • Scale without Fail – Bringing new staff to flying height in record time during scaling phases

Focus on the Organization

Full Commitment & Full Responsibility

We do not offer standard estimates from the rack. Only when we are sure that we have understood exactly what progress you want to make, will we make you an offer. Achieving this progress will be our common goal and for that we always assume full responsibility. How? Quite simply: Since 2014, only the customers at Oberwasser Consulting have decided whether or not we can keep the fees. 100% Money Back Guarantee! You want to know more about our customer’s experience beforehand? Just talk to us. We are happy to make contact.

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In this JTBD podcast shot, Peter Rochel explains how you can safely get the best participants for your JTBD interviews in 3 steps. He shows what exactly needs to be considered and reveals valuable tips and tricks that will save you time, nerves and money – regardless of whether you want to recruit the guests yourself or hire an agency to do it for you.


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The Job to Be Done – JTBD

Podcast Short Episode (German language)- What is a Job to Be Done? Peter Rochel explains in 4 minutes what a JTBD is, how to describe it, which elements belong to it and why you need it.


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