Innovation consulting: Maximise the potential of your business

Innovation is the key to success in a rapidly changing world. Companies must constantly develop and implement new ideas to stay ahead of the competition and realise their full potential. This is where Oberwasser Consulting’s innovation consultancy comes into play. As an experienced innovation consultancy, we support you in identifying and maximising your company’s innovation potential by identifying customer needs, developing new ideas, accelerating implementation and measuring success.

Innovation consulting in the fields of sustaning innovation, efficiency innovation, market-creating innovation or disruptive innovation

The Explore-Exploit Matrix helps companies to plan and implement their innovation strategy. The Explore strategy focuses on exploring new ideas, while the Exploit strategy aims to optimise existing products and services. Efficiency innovation can be assigned to both strategies.

What is innovation consulting by Oberwasser Consulting?

Oberwasser Consulting ist eine erfahrene Innovationsberatung, die Unternehmen aller Größen und Branchen bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von innovativen Ideen unterstützt. Our team of consultants works closely with the people in your business to ensure that your ideas are successfully implemented and you get the maximum benefit from their innovations. What sets us apart is a unique end-to-end innovation process that covers all three innovation fields and integrates qualitative market and marketing research.

Innovation consultancy with a customer focus. Common language Customer needs
A common understanding and common language for customer needs and innovation are basic conditions for innovation success.

How can Oberwasser Consulting help you as an innovation consultancy?

Oberwasser Consulting as an innovation consultancy can help you in many ways to maximise the potential of your business. Here are some of the benefits you can get from our innovation consultancy:

  • Identification of customer needs: We help you identify worthwhile customer needs and those that have not yet been adequately met.
  • Identifying innovative ideas: We help you identify new ideas that you might otherwise have overlooked.
  • Accelerating implementation: We help you accelerate the implementation of your ideas by helping you overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Increasing success: We help you measure and maximise the success of your innovations by supporting you in the development of success-critical measures and processes.
  • Systematic innovation management: Successful innovation is not a creative product of chance, but the result of a structured process. We support you in implementing this process intuitively and making it part of your business.
Business Model Innovation - JTBD innovation process, innovation consulting
We help you find a JTBD innovation process that takes your business model to the next level.

When should you use Oberwasser Consulting as an innovation consultancy?

You should hire Oberwasser Consulting as an innovation consultancy if you have the following challenges related to innovation:

  • Declines in turnover and/or profit
  • Market share losses
  • High acquisition costs
  • Difficulties in identifying innovative ideas
  • Slowing down of the innovation process
  • Lack of resources to successfully implement innovations
  • Difficulties in measuring the success of innovations
  • Difficulties in distinguishing themselves from the competition

If you have one or more of these problems, we can help you as an innovation consultancy to realise the full potential of your company and to get ahead of the competition.

What can you expect when you hire Oberwasser Consulting as an innovation consultancy?

  • A thorough review of your business practices and processes
  • Identifying obstacles and challenges in the innovation process
  • The development of measures to overcome these obstacles and challenges
  • A globally unique and highly efficient innovation process that creates value for organisations and is consistently customer-focused.
  • The development of processes and methods to measure the success of innovations
  • Close collaboration with your company to ensure that your innovations are successfully implemented
  • The presumably highest guarantee on the market

Frequently asked questions about innovation consulting by Oberwasser Consulting

Does my company really need innovation consulting from Oberwasser Consulting?

It depends on what challenges you have in relation to innovation. If you have difficulties developing innovative ideas that meet a relevant demand, accelerating the innovation process or measuring the success of innovations, Oberwasser Consulting can help you overcome these challenges.

As an innovation consultancy, can Oberwasser Consulting also help my company develop products?

Yes, Oberwasser Consulting as an innovation consultancy can also help you with the development of products. We can help you optimise your product development processes, develop new ideas that are highly relevant to customers and measure the success of your products.

How long does it usually take to see the benefits of innovation consulting from Oberwasser Consulting?

This depends on the nature and scale of the challenges you face in relation to innovation. However, you can usually see the first results within a few weeks of starting the cooperation. However, it is important to note that the full implementation of innovations requires time and commitment to achieve lasting results. We are happy to help you make continuous innovation an integral part of your business development.

Conclusion: Innovation consulting by Oberwasser Consulting – Maximise the potential of your company

Innovation is the key to success in a rapidly changing world. Oberwasser Consulting will help your company identify and maximise innovation potential by working with you to develop new ideas, accelerate implementation and measure success. In case of difficulties related to innovation, we support you in overcoming these challenges and realising the full potential of your business.

Consider whether innovation consulting from Oberwasser Consulting makes sense for your company and contact us to get the best out of your innovations and your company.

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