Book – Holistic Knowledge Management

If you think about knowledge management, you automatically have digitization in mind. Too often, knowledge transfer is equated with software. But why has knowledge management not yet been chosen as the word of the year, and why are there very few companies that can no longer imagine how things worked without it?

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The book is published in 2017 and is available regularly in bookstores for 29.90 euros.

Preparing knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is a process that needs to be considered from deployment to actual transfer to acceptance. Too often, however, the focus is on the technical aspect. User needs are not focused when designing and implementing them. In addition, there is almost exclusively talk about the transfer of declarative knowledge. But what is application data without the necessary programs to edit it?

Digitization vs. Humanization

Gavino Wismach has written a book that aims to promote humanization. It will give a voice to those who have already understood that a transfer of knowledge can only work with the people in a company.

Networked approaches from business administration, pedagogy and psychology

Gavino Wismach has integrated various ideas from pedagogy, business administration and psychology into a holistic knowledge management. The small dirt road, which runs parallel to the motorway of the digital approach, is to be developed into an equal road.

Since January 2017 in statement.verlag

The book Holistic Knowledge Management is published on 20.01.2017 in statment.verlag.

The flap text here as a foretaste:

How can your employees do more and be happier at the same time?

Holistic knowledge management is the key to the company’s success. It makes the employees of a company better by providing the special skills of the best to all. In addition, the organization allows to preserve the power of the present for the future.

Knowledge transfer is a communication process. People in the company are brought together in order to unite the strengths of the employees and to increase the performance of the entire company.

After reading this book you will know why …

  • … knowledge management is the most powerful tool for corporate management.
  • … the topic has not yet been able to ignite real enthusiasm.
  • … holistic knowledge management is different from previous approaches.
  • … it is easy to significantly increase the performance of your employees.

This book takes up different approaches to knowledge management and integrates them into a holistic approach.

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