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Business Model Potential Workshop

Detects threats immediately and shows direct usable potentials

A unique workshop that catapults your business model to new levels. We will guide you and your employees/partners/colleagues to get a shared big picture of your business, your business as it is at present and how it will work much better and how to make it fly.

This isn’t about buzzwords and hip methods, it’s about your business

Intuitively, you will see clearly and learn as a team how to connect the dots. Complex interactions lose their terror. Success factors become visible.

You get answers

Key questions about the company’s development

  • What are the risks of the current business model?
  • Which areas have the best development potential?
  • Where does it make strategic sense to start?
  • How can the yield situation be improved sustainably?
  • How can more customer requests be generated quickly and permanently?
  • What is the biggest market potential for the company?
  • What should be done to make the competition look old?
  • What needs to happen to make the company future-proof?

Opportunities of digital transformation

The most important topic at the moment when it comes to the future viability of companies.

What is a sensible way for your company to make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation?

The BM potential workshops provide the necessary insights to identify the individually correct steps for a company.

Digital transformation is such a big, versatile and fast topic that every company can benefit enormously from. However, there are completely different possibilities for each company, individually.

Reduce complexity

Interactions in the company are structured and made visible

Most of the time, the first new ideas are created.

  • On product innovations
  • To new customer segments
  • On strategic partnerships
  • To marketing
  • To sales opportunities

The BM Potential Analysis consists of a joint workshop, an analytical evaluation and a follow-up discussion. It doesn’t matter what kind of company it is, whether you are a sole trader, a craftsman or a manager of a medium-sized industrial company with 1000 employees.

You get:

  • An intense, inspiring and focused workshop that brings you much closer to your company and its success factors
  • Allies in your own company to implement new strategies successfully and quickly
  • Actionable ideas for strategic business development
  • An easy-to-understand evaluation and documentation
  • An overview of the strengths,weaknesses and development potentials of your individual company and its business model
  • A tailored ToDo list for the next steps in your strategic business development
  • The basic tool for making business decisions more securely and faster in the future
  • Money back guarantee without “ifs and buts”

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Who have we already done this for?

  • Sole proprietorina in the B2C sector
  • Founder immediately after start of business
  • Craft
  • Medium-sized industrial enterprises in the B2B sector
  • Online Marketing Agency
  • Photographers
  • Sports schools
  • Consulting firm
  • Industry representations
  • Clubs
  • Top sports federations

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